CERT Emergency Preparedness

Doing the greatest good for the greatest number, together we can save a life, with training and preparedness.

Are You Ready?  Is your neighbor, your City or your workplace? Know what to do when "What if turns into What Now!"

In the case of an event, like an earthquake, a flood, shelter in place situation, hazmat contamination, what would you do, how would you protect yourself and the others at home or in your neighborhood.

By preparedness you take those steps to do just that.  In Cities where there are 50,000 people and only a small number of trained first responders, we will be dependent upon ourselves, neighbors, fellow community members to stay safe until professionals are available.


   "Doing the Greatest Good, for the Greatest  


East Contra Costa County CERT TEAM  

 You may say how can I do that?  

Become part of your Community Team.



The CERT Program- Community Emergency Response Team is where you can obtain the information and the training to do all of the above.  This program began in 1994, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, using the model created by the Los Angeles City Fire Department, began promoting it nationwide.  The use of the CERT Community Emergency Response Team concept, has helped Cities across our country.  Enabling professional responders to focus on major needs during a disaster and the small ones go to the City CERT teams.

Emergencies occur in our communities, neighborhoods, and workplaces everyday.  We also know large scale disasters will overwhelm our local professional responders (fire departments, police departments,etc.)  With CERT training you are provided the practical skills necessary to:


             Be better prepared for disaster

     Assist your family, neighbors and associates while waiting for help

  Support professional responders, as directed, once they arrive on scene

     Provide communication to the City Emergency Operations Center at the

time of  disaster


CERT - trained individuals may also enjoy many opportunities to volunteer in their communities. 

CERT members often help with neighborhood fire prevention or emergency preparedness training, neighborhood watch organization.  Also none emergency events, like parades, special events.

  So why having you signed up yet?  Many of your neighbors have and the    classes are free!

 Protect  Your self - Your Family  -Your Workplace  - Your Community


Your chair is waiting..

    And the class is FREE!

What to Remember

Stay Calm!  During an emergency you may be confused or disoriented.  Stay focused.

Take action to:

Help the injured: use the first aid supplies in your emergency kit.

Listen to the Radio:

740AM:and follow instructions given by the professional responders.

Drink bottled water:until local supplies are determined safe.

Comfort and reassure: children and seniors; be honest and gentle

Confine and secure your pets:  provide extra food and water if you have to leave.

Check on your neighbors:  especially the elderly and special needs living in you area.

Do not use the telephone: lines will be needed by the emergency responders.

 Check your homes for damage:

if you smell gas, open the windows and get outside immediately.

Turn off you gas at the meter; only if you smell or hear gas.  Then turn off any other damaged utilities.

Only local utility companies (PG&E) can should turn the gas back on!

Are you ready to take the class now?

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